Recycled Nature Art
Decorative and functioal art done out of recycled material and drawings done out of pen

Germaine Suriyage


Drawings Done With Black BallPoint Pen

All of my drawings are a matrix of tightly knitted lines. I start with a rough sketch of the subject with a pencil. Then the ball point pen strokes are done over the pencil outline until the desired outcome is achieved. First, the drawings are done on 11” X 8.5” printing paper. Then they are the scanned and enlarged to fit into 11” X 17” or 18”X24”paper, laminated and framed. Unlike pencil drawings, electronically scanning the one’s done with black ballpoint pens gives better detailed images. Therefore, the prints will be closely identical to the originals.

sample3prints9may15 (90K)
sample3prints9may15b (100K)
sample3prints9may15c (90K)
sample3prints9may15d (103K)
sample3prints9may15e (120K)
sample3prints9may15f (101K)
sample3prints9may15g (102K)
sample3prints9may15i (96K)
sample3prints9may15j (100K)
sample3prints9may15k (102K)
sample3prints9may15l (118K)
sample3prints9may15m (124K)